March 18, 2018

Welcome Message

Dear guests, welcome to the website of the 104th DGINS conference!

It is an honour and a pleasure for the Romanian National Institute of Statistics to host, for the first time, this conference. I am sure that it will be a great opportunity for all of us to exchange best practices and enhance cooperation.

This year’s event will focus on big data, a new trend that is reshaping the way we think about our world. We do not have to take samples any more, we just have to analyse all the existing data points, even if they contain errors, and let these data speak. Everything we do leaves a digital trail that generates data. As our society becomes more and more dynamic, this amount of data grows astonishingly. However, very little of this data becomes information and even less becomes knowledge.  This is the biggest challenge of the 21th century: to process and analyse such data so that it becomes knowledge.

It is our duty, as leaders in producing statistical information, to transform this challenge into an opportunity.  In this respect, our organizations need to adapt as fast as possible to the new technologies and become more flexible. I am sure that, together, we can successfully address this challenge.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Bucharest in October.



Tudorel ANDREI
President, Romanian National Institute of Statistics