March 18, 2018

Wednesday, 10 October

Preliminary draft Agenda

Please note that this is a working document.

Timing of interventions, papers, titles and speakers have not yet been confirmed

11:30-13:00 Registration
12:00-13:00 Welcoming coffee
13:00-13:30 Welcome and introduction
Welcome address by:
Tudorel ANDREI, President of National Institute of Statistics of Romania
Mariana KOTZEVA, Director General of Eurostat
13:30-13:50 Keynote speech by Minister (tbc)
13:50-14:10 Keynote speech by Commissioner (tbc)
14:10-18:05 Session 1: State of play: Big Data and Official Statistics
Chair: Tudorel ANDREI, President NIS-RO
14:10-14:20 Introduction by the Chair
14:20-14:40 Driving the Big Data Bus in the ESSnet – How far have we gone? (CBS)
14:40-15:00 Strategic developments at global level
(DK, chair of GWG Big Data for Official Statistics)
15:00-15:15 Experiences with integration of Big Data into official statistics at the Korean Statistical Office, (KOSTAT)
15:15-15:35 Data Integration challenges – ICT survey and web scraped data from enterprise websites (ISTAT)
15:35-15:55 Coffee break
14:55-16:15 Experiences and best practice in developing new production processes for statistical products: price statistics
16:15-16:35 New approaches to time use and household budget statistics
16:35-16:55 Big Data inside the NSI: Is there a best practice? (CBS, ONS, or INSEE)
16:55-17:15 Data science skills and effective capacity building
17:15-17:35 Partnerships with stakeholders
17:35-18:05 Discussions and Conclusions